What is MyShikshak

In today’s world, the relation between a tutor and a learner has changed over the course of time and while teachers are making best efforts to help the learner develop in every aspect, academically and psychologically, there has transpired a problem that neither of them is able to comprehend in a true sense of the world. One of the major reasons for the problem is the lack of standardized and systemized teaching methodology.

MyShikshak has tried to get into the skin of the problem. MyShikshak’s vision is to take a deep dive into the human life and their learning patterns and styles so that we can take them to the next level of learning and comprehension.

MyShikshak helps in increasing the learnability of all age groups and develop their learning habits according to their capability, Learning patterns, understanding and career goals. All our services are arranged in a comprehensive format to create natural and customized learning motifs which will help people of all age groups to learn and grow, resulting in a holistic development of the society.

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