Scope of Artificial Intelligence in Education

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of Human intelligence i.e. the development of such systems that work exactly like human intelligence and can predict things as humans do, some such activities are -learning, reasoning, self-correction, voice recognition etc. All these are the very starting actions of AI. The development in this sector is increasing very rapidly in every sector from education to daily usage technological devices such as- face recognition AI feature in the latest iPhone X , Voice and language recognition in the Amazon Alexa and Siri and the biggest AI technology example – Sophia the AI Robot . There is no doubt to have AI all around us in the coming decades.

A better future can be forged with proper education only and since AI is the future, henceforth, it needs to be introduced to those who pave the way for the future of the world i.e. students and educators. The following are some of present AI inventions in education and also its future expectations.


  • Personalize learning



In a classroom it is very difficult for a teacher to look after every student adaptively at a time. Every student has specific adaptive and learning ability, so it is difficult to recognize whether more explanation is needed or not. The AI technology has solved this problem to some extent by recognizing each student’s need and pointing out their weak points.

Artificial Intelligence has introduced many such AI based software and machines that are helping students to understand different topics more clearly in their language and difficulty level. AI and machine learning can understand a student’s comprehensive patterns such as – how they respond and comprehend different learning styles, material, and the way they learn. This data analysis will help the teachers to understand the need of improvements in the course of study to maximize the learning of any student.


  • Assisting Teachers



A classroom includes both teachers and students so for better education both need advancements. As shown above that some of the load of the teachers is reduced by helping them in understanding the curriculum and the students’ needs. Seeing that there are a number of works to be done by a teacher such as introducing tests, checking and listing grades and result etc., which consume a lot of a teacher’s time, AI can easily solve this problem. AI technology can score hundreds of MCQ’s in less time than a human teacher, with more precision and accuracy. With more improvements in AI now it is even possible to grade written essays with AI. The AI involvement in the education sector will change the previous trends of studying and will bring new workforce i.e. more focused.


  • Virtual Mentors



Today’s most trending concept is virtual classroom and Educational software, as these make a student learn in its comfort zone and according to its adaptive skill. There are a number of online classroom sites and softwares introduced that involve AI technology which inspect the students’ performance on the basis of regular tests to improve their weak points and help in increasing learning power. As these are more convenient to use and give a 24 hr. availability so there is no restriction on removing one’s doubt on any topic any time. This advanced technology is going to take over the tuition timings as now students can access the help they need at any time and are not bound to classrooms only.


  • Feedback for learners and mentors



Intelligent systems (AI based) are not only helping the teachers to create courses customized according to the needs of student but also gives feedback regarding the course success as per the students response and grades. These feedbacks are helpful in looking over the weak topics and the research that needs to be done to improve the teaching skill. Also, such systems are capable of generating student progress reports and map them according to the time given on that topic or assignment, which can be used to perform required remedial either on the learner or learning material.


  • Making education more interesting



There are many ways in which AI can make education more interesting such as game technology. Moreover, simulation is now being used to learn technical points and in getting practical knowledge of different circumstances. It can make education a lot more adaptive and intuitive. Such simulation programs and games help students in understanding different tricks of solving problems at different situations and increase thinking skills.


No doubt that the science fictions are going to be the future technology and it’s one such technology involves Artificial Intelligence. AI is going to be involved in our daily life after some years as Mobile and Internet now. AI is a very interesting field and the coming future generation must have to get involved with it from very basic level of learning so they can understand it and innovate more from it.  So, AI will help students to understand topics and in introducing much skilled teachers in future.

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