New & non-mainstream career choices for students


Have you ever been in a situation where you enter a coffee shop and get confused as to what coffee to order because you have such a gigantic menu to choose from? Same is the case with choosing a career after class 12th. There are so many options to choose from but with regards to professions, Indians have been known to float towards the more lucrative and “more secure” fields, for example, medicines, engineering, and law.

Picking a correct and well-researched profession choice is the most imperative choice in a child’s life. Let’s look at some phenomenal, new, however extraordinary career options to choose from after class twelfth:

Adventure Tourism


We all have a heart for travelling and if you are a travel baby you can make your dream come true. Adventure tourism is when you guide and help people visiting a place to enjoy the adventure activities present there. By this way, you can earn money by living up your heart. Adventure tourism incorporates natural life tourism, trekking, mountain climbing, paragliding, biking, scuba-plunging, boating, bungee hopping and so forth in provincial or remote regions.  This is further assembled into two classes – ‘hard’ and ‘soft’. If you think you are the nature-loving baby and not a book-loving one, go for it.

myshikshak-botanistAre you the one who loves being surrounded by plants and have a keen interest in their kingdom? This is what you ought to do, Botany! Botany is a branch of natural science which manages the investigation of plants. Under botany, you study the structure, development, generation, improvement, ailments and concoction properties and transformative connections between various plants.Botany as a vocation is most appropriate for individuals who have a fondness towards nature and plants. Botanists have an imperative influence in present-day science and industry. They have a lot of scope in present time and age as their work influences farming, preservation, and cultivation. All in all, Botanists ponder the advancement and life procedures of plants.



Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you have the skills to mold and craft sweet? This option is solely for you.  Being a chocolatier is one such tempting vocation that individuals are not much mindful of.

A Chocolatier is a specialist who makes desserts from chocolate. S/he is a kind of cook who represents considerable authority in chocolate and can make an extensive variety of heavenly, enticing chocolates. A Chocolatier makes different chocolate based items like bonbons, baked goods, treats and masterful chocolate moldings. And without a doubt this profession can never go wrong, we don’t want to run out of chocolates!

Dubbing Artist dubbing-artist-myshikshakDo you like mimicking and making up voices? If yes, this is for you. The world of media and entertainment is gaining new heights and with this comes job opportunities for many. The interest for voice over and dubbing specialists are mounting step by step and they are required in many areas of media, be it TV, films, or even radio. These businesses are on a chase for individuals with sure and rich voices.Dubbing is a method in which an inconspicuous performing artist’s lines are heard over visual components. As a voice-over craftsman, one could loan their voice to documentaries, software engineers or promotion films in English, Hindi or some other dialect. Despite the fact that both voice over and naming craftsmen are doing likewise work there is a slight distinction between them. Voice over is basically the craft of giving a discourse to a going with visual, stills, video or even commercial.

Food Critic


Have decent taste bud and the capacity to change over these taste encounters to words? Do not love science? Go for being a food critic and not an engineer.

A food critic is a wide term used to depict an essayist who investigates eateries and afterward distributes the aftereffects of their discoveries by penning it down. The individuals who share their sentiments by means of nourishment sections in daily papers and magazines are known as food editorialists. A food author/commentator is a man who has a solid comprehension and taste for good food joined with phenomenal composition and altering abilities. While composing your assessments you should remember that tastes vary among individuals and what you discover tempting may not be thought about so by others. One needs to get proficient encounters in the realm of nourishment, either by going to culinary schools, join courses or work in eateries or take up cultivating food articles, read about them with the goal that they can find out about each part of this wide food business.


There are a lot more options to choose from. All you have to keep in mind while choosing your career option is, “what is that one thing that makes you happy?” Do what you love, you will reach your height.



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